A two-hour online course on ggplot2 and Shiny

I’ve just published a video course with Packt Publishing about ggplot2 and Shiny!
In just two hours, you’ll get to learn the popular R packages ggplot2 and Shiny, as well as how to put them together to build interactive webpages. And all that from R.

The course consists of short videos (around 2 or 3 minutes) that explain one concept at the time. Each video comes with the relevant code, and pointers to go further in your own time.

It’s divided in 8 chapters:

  1. Getting Started with ggplot2 [15:00 minutes]
  2. Understanding Basic Plots [11:33 minutes]
  3. Using Conditional Plots [09:32 minutes]
  4. Using Statistics in Our Plot [09:49 minutes]
  5. Customizing Your Graphs [11:18 minutes]
  6. Shiny – Part 1 [14:39 minutes]
  7. Shiny – Part 2 [12:25 minutes]
  8. Putting Everything Together [12:17 minutes]

In the last chapter, we build a multi-page dashboard, with adaptive controls, showing some ggplot2 graphs produced on the fly.

Here is a sample video “Customizing the Color Palette for Continuous Variables” with ggplot2:

If you’ve been meaning to learn ggplot2 (for making nice looking graphs) or Shiny (for building interactive websites using R alone), but never got round to it, this is the course for you!

You can buy it from here. Download the scripts by clicking ‘Support‘ on this page.

PS: Arthur Zubarev, from compudicted, wrote a review of the whole course here: https://compudicted.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/building-interactive-graphs-with-ggplot2-and-shiny-r-by-christophe-ladroue-packt-publishing-video-review/.

PPS: More reviews:

  1. By Mark van der Loo: Review of “Building interactive graphs with ggplot2 and shiny”
  2. By MilanoR: Building Interactive Graphs with ggplot2 and Shiny
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8 Responses to A two-hour online course on ggplot2 and Shiny

  1. Helmuth Vollmeier says:

    Hi Christophe, I bought your video course in the O’Reilly online shop yesterday and wonder where to download the exercise files you are referring to in your lessons. ( activity01 etc.) .

  2. Helmuth Vollmeier says:

    Under “support -> code” , there seems to be only code concerning books – not videos – available. The only entry starting with “Building interactive …” is a book about building interactive queries :-( .
    “support -> video” is about complaints, feedback regarding videos. Did I miss something?

    • CL says:

      You should be on this page: https://www.packtpub.com/support/17093

      The text says book, but it’s fine, it applies to videos as well. Register on packt and you’ll be able to download it. If not, let me know.

      (packt have started distributing with O’Reilly, I’ve asked them to bundle the code together with the videos in the future if possible.)

  3. Helmuth Vollmeier says:

    Thank you Christophe! I was able to download the package with the link you posted above.

  4. Paolo says:

    Christophe, I was wondering what you think of the new ggvis package for interactive graphics versus your “Interactive graphics with ggplot2 and Shiny”.

    • CL says:

      Hi Paolo,

      I haven’t had the chance to play too much with ggvis yet, all I can say that it looks great and the syntax looks very similar to ggplot2:

      As I see it, ggvis complements ggplot2. If you know ggplot2, picking up ggvis is pretty straightforward. If you don’t know ggplot2, well there’s a course for that :).