Dr Christophe Ladroue

Currently senior statistical software programmer at Quantics, UK.

Previously in academia.

My research focused on the application of mathematics and computer science to probability and biological questions.

I have specifically worked on NMR spectroscopy data for my PhD, developing techniques for automatically classifying brain tumour spectra or data-mining this type of data. More recently, I have been working on the reverse-engineering of networks, mostly based on time-series information. This ranges from gene expression, to proteins and neurophysiology data.

On a more fundamental note, I worked with Anastasia Papavasiliou in Statistics on the estimation of parameters for rough differential equations using stochastic Taylor expansions.

I previously worked at St George’s Hospital Medical School (University of London), the university of Sussex and the university of Warwick.

I have spent a year working for the university of Bristol, at the Bristol Genetic Epidemiology Laboratories, MRC Centre for Causal Analyses in Translational Epidemiology (CAiTE), part of the school of Social and Community Medicine.

I worked on a compiler for synthetic biology at the university of Warwick.

For an overview of my academic work, please have a look at my publications.

	Contact at postmaster(at)chrisladroue.com.